Brave new quantum world

Alright, this is far from most of every convoluted thoughts about ”quantum science” but I have been watching too many (even more convoluted) TV-series about that buzzword.
So I might just throw in another use for it, just a wish for my own convenience:

I want a quantum desk! It should support everything I have on my current desk, but it should NOT obstruct my bodily movements. I don’t want to bang my knees into anything when I turn around and I want to stretch out in my chair and still have everything within finger reach.

And while I’m at it, why don’t make it multidimensional (or is that by default maybe?) So that I can load all my current stuff, and everything I will buy, and everything I have thrown away (It’s still there in the quantum world, isn’t it?) And then I can just quantumscroll for anything I need.

Please, scientists! Wouldn’t that be a rocket?

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